In  “This Part”,


we take a close look at and study some of the origins of /and the many reasons and excuses folks come up with to whine and complain.


A few of these topics include; parents, society, and even the church, to name a few. Many of these reason’s folks hide behind are in an effort to play if safe (or, so they think), become complacent, and accept a life of mediocrity.

In “The Other Part,”


I offer tried, true, and proven methods for attaining success in whatever it is that you want to do. Successful people are not successful by accident, and dammit you deserve to be one of them.


In this section, I’ll explain how “haters are your friends,” how to dump negative people and energy, and how to stand on your own two feet.” Sure, you stand on your own two feet now, but you’re wobbly. I aim to change that as “failure is not an option.”

You’ll also discover multiple stories and events that I use to make clear my points. The stories, identified as “True Stories,” are exactly that, true, without naming names (they’ll know who they are). Many of you will either relate to them, know someone like that, or either I’m talking about you. Some will find this book entertaining while others might find it frightening. Nonetheless, my intent is to motivate.



Shit Happens

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Shit Happens - Kevin Jiggetts
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Often times, we experience setbacks as the result of shit happening. Many of you use that familiar phrase as a fucking excuse not to pursue dreams and goals.  It has become super convenient to hide behind the lie called “shit happens.” “I coulda, woulda, shoulda, but shit happened.” You’re on some bullshit if this sounds like you. Life can change in an instant and it’s your responsibility to roll with that shit. That’s how it’s been and how it will always be. Life effects everyone. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, or how popular you are. It doesn’t matter how poor you are, or what disability you might suffer. Life doesn’t give a shit about any of those things.  Life is a well-oiled machine that will chew you up and spit your ass out. It does not give a fuck about your feelings and complaints. I’ll give you an example of how uncaring life can be. Imagine you can’t swim and while passing the deep end of pool, someone accidentally bumps you and you fall in. And because of the natural poolside chaos and fun, nobody notices and you drown. That water and life are much the same. They will continue to exist without caring. Neither will apologize nor help you. Their processes will continue long after we are dead and gone.  Life IS, so you’d fucking better learn to swim.

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The God Factor I

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The God Factor I - Kevin Jiggetts
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I’m aware I’m walking into a shit storm of controversy and criticism. But I am a “grown ass man” who takes full responsibility for my actions and deeds.  It is not my intent to offend anyone, but if the shoe fits, then by all means wear it. I have a huge amount of respect for varied religions, faiths, and denominations and am, by no means, an Atheist as I do, in fact, believe in God. It pisses me the fuck off that many of you hide behind these doctrines, deities, and practices, just so you don’t have to take responsibility for your life and I’m about to call your asses out. I will, hopefully, redress most of my thoughts in “The God Factor II.”  With that said, let’s get into the shit storm.

True Story: A No Bullshit Conversation with God

Some years ago, I lay on my deathbed, surrounded by chaos and the blood curdling screams of dying men. Busted, broken, burned, and bleeding profusely myself, I knew something had gone horribly wrong. My eyes were nearly glued shut with blood and dirt, and I could only glimpse shadows of people who I, assumed, were tending me and the other wounded.

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No More Excuses, No More Bullshit

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No More Excuses, No More Bullshit - Kevin Jiggetts
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One thing is for sure, life is scary. Sure, it may seem terrifying if you have a dream because when you have a dream there is fear of failure and an obligation to fulfill it. It takes the same amount of effort to follow a dream as it does to sit on your ass in front of the TV all your life? You see, all of the mental effort that you wrap around those television shows and avoiding your dreams will add up. It’s a matter of reversing that mental energy. If you follow that dream, eventually things start to make sense. When you have a dream, you owe it to yourself to do anything, and I mean anything humanly possible, to make that shit happen. If you need money, then wait tables, or take client commissions, but never stop treating your dream with the complete and total seriousness it deserves. If you lose sight of it, no amount of excuses or rationalizations will be able to mask the deep, unavoidable pain of regret. And you will experience it, and never be able to shake it, unless you follow that fucking dream.  If only I had done this or only if I had done that.  That mantra will be stuck in your brain forever. I guaran-fucking-tee it. So ask yourself, what would you rather do? Take action and  risk failure?  Or be weighed down by that guilty inner voice of regret for the rest of your life? It’s your fucking call.

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Hustle - Kevin Jiggetts
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Most people, when they hear terms like hustle or grind, they, without giving it a second thought, equate those terms with either something illegal or blood sweat and tears. Well, I’m here to tell you, that today, in 2014, those are badges of honor. You want others to refer to you as a hustler. You want others to say that you “get your grind on.” Those terms mean that you are moving in the direction of your hopes, dreams, and goals. They mean that you are not going to take no for an answer. They mean that you refuse to be average. They mean that you are stacking  money.

Motivational speaker, Eric Thomas, tells a story of a young man being held underwater. He struggles and can’t breathe. He needs oxygen. All of a sudden, he is set free. Coughing and choking, his lungs receive the much-needed air. The thought of being held under water is frightening, as we’re not fucking fish. We are human beings. The moral to that story, Mr. Thomas suggests, is that you have got to want success as bad as you need oxygen. I’m gonna type it again because I want you to get Mr. Thomas’s message, “YOU HAVE GOT TO WANT SUCCESS AS BAD AS YOU NEED OXYGEN.” I’m Kevin Jiggetts and I approve that message.

What do you want? How do you see yourself tomorrow, next week, six months, etc? And don’t you allow fear to answer that question with “I don’t know” because you do. We all know what we want and the kind of person(s) that we want to be. Whatever the honest answer, it all starts with the willingness to hustle and grind.

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